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Day 8 & 9: Lady Marjorie's corner

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

12. & 13.1.21


This is me, Marjorie, proud Princess of Romania, soon to be Lady of the Isle of Lewis and Harris, Scotland (if only these government people would let me).

I have been paying attention to the local slang and I quite fancy it- but then again I like it where people give me attention and I can roam freely and wild without a lead. But just for the sake of it I have to admit that I do not go near that ebbing and flowing thingy that my partner in crime, Nadine, calls "It is just the ocean!" or "The waves come and go, they do not hurt you!". I do not trust them at all, moreso because even if Nadine thinks they won't hurt us and tells me so everytime, she herself sometimes screams while running away when they come! So who am I to make a valid judgment if there are so many contradictions to her behaviour, better keeping the distance and stay safe altogether!

And talking about safe, yesterday was quite the unsafest day near these waves. The tide was so strong, I sometimes was taken by surprise of the thunderous noise it makes and jumped as if some loud bang was going to get me! We went along the coast you see, from Tynemouth to a very large tower which Nadine called St. Mary's Lighthouse. And along this very, very, very long coast walk there were waves crashing by the second. Sometimes I forgot about that danger though because some local dog came to say hello and make my acquaintance, although that was not often the case, they seem a little bit too preoccupied with tiny round things that their humans throw away from them which they then rush to get back, only so that their human might throw it even further away again. Sometimes I watched them do that for a few times and I really do not get it at all, it seems foolish to try and train a human and bring them the ball, they throw it away again anyway, but then again my human Nadine makes more sense to me than these other humans. And to be fair some of my fellow dogs seemed to enjoy that kind of task, it gives them a purpose I guess, sports are said to be healthy and stuff.

Anyway our walk lasted for hours this time, and I mean hours because we got up when the sun rose and only came back home when it already started to set again! I mean, nothing against a long walk and all the adventures Nadine and I partake in one day, but this time I think she overestimated our love for exploring. I do not want to complain though, I had breakfast, a small lunch break and when we came home a whole can of organic turkey from Scotland! Glorious, I can tell you! But it was the least she could do after putting me through such a long day.

At times I think she herself was exhausted or lost but she never seemed to mind, either we sat down and she drank some ghastly black strong watery cup of something she calls "coffee", not my taste at all, and I got a treat like a sausage, or we just made a break far away from the crashing waves at the beach and watched running dogs and all sorts of weird behaviour.

For example, coming back to the treachorous "ocean thingy", children were going very far into the sand that was left behind by the waves, only to run away by a wave coming in, screaming. At first I tried to make sense of it by walking over to them and helping them coming back to the safe, dry part of the sand floor, but they would not stay and listen, instead they went further into unsafe ground- and who would have guessed, they would run screaming into the safe territory when the next wave came in. I gave up after only two times trying because I am not a sports canon and if they so terribly wanted to experience trauma, I would not want to stay in the way, not with these barbaric, loud waves coming in every second anyway.

Oh and not to dwell on the subject to much but there is another strange thing with these things I almost forgot! Did you know that they pretend to be water but when you are really, really thirsty and want to drink from them they set your throat on fire! I mean what evil joke is that? Back home in Aarau I always had the opportunity to drink whenever I was thirsty, there were tiny weeny waves there sometimes too, but if I was thirsty I was able to drink as much as I wanted! And here this water tries to crush you AND poison you! It is ridiculous! A little bit off topic but it kind of urges me to state this truth on this platform to warn all of my fellow dogs of the true nature of the sea!

Nadine seems to like it a lot and when we are on safe sandy ground I really love it too! You can play without end, it is really soft and apart from the crunch it leaves within your mouth sometimes, it is quite a welcome opposite to the vast green grass hills we run alond on other days.

So to capture our breath and restore our energies, thank the Gods, Nadine and I just went a, by now somewhat ordinary, daily routine with a small walk on the little beach and a long walk on the big beach. I really needed that and I showed her right away in the morning when I saw her approach the big beach right after we were done at the little one.

I sat down, waited until she noticed and I just would not move anything when she called me, I did not even get up for other dogs passing by and wanting to play. I sat there, gracefully of course, waited until she had made her way back, took a few steps in the direction she wanted me to go because she offered me a treat for my efforts, and then looked into the direction of home. Gladly she seemed to understand right away and I was spared from exhaustion- it really is like I always say: If you train your human right, they will not put up a fight!

I like our apartment, it is sort of the same as we had before only that there is another room with a very high bed in it and the sofa is half of what I was used to, but then again who am I to judge. I am getting my cuddle time, I can sleep on the sofa and on the bed whenever I want to, so no complaining on my end.

Apparently we will try to go to the Angel of the North some time soon, Nadine has been talking quite a bit about it to other humans. I am not sure of it but I think she even tried to go there with me yesterday because we went to a bus station. The lady human she spoke to seemed kind of rough and said something about "non essential travel" which ultimately led us to take the pedestrian ferry over to North Shields again, where the whole hike along the coast from Tynemouth to the lighthouse, I talked earlier of, started off. I figure though, that by now she has some overview of the area and will find a way to get there without asking anymore, so that no one would rate it "non essential", after all it is kind of essential to have been there and take pictures of it... she is kind of a photographer now and from somewhere she needs to get paper that she can change so that I can get my food! So she has my full support in the endeavours to get to this Angel person!

Now I want to sleep, you never know how long the relaxation part will last and you never know how long the walking and hiking part will go tomorrow.

Thank you all for sending so much love and you may imagine me on my back doing my "Marjorie" move so that you are all able to cuddle and stroke me!

Keep safe and until very soon, my beloved humans!


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