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Day 14 & 15: Purple Bay and Scotland, here we come (finally)


Yesterday was a day to hit the snooze button continously, obviously I am exaggerating but it literally rained 24/7 (by the way it still is today!). All of you who know Marjorie know that she is really no fan of mud or uncomfortable weather, but as I had to bring back my test kit to the pharmacy this morning I had to literally drag her out. It was okay for our morning routine walk but she eventually signalled very early on that she wanted to get back soon. But since she is used to much more than just an hour of walking she was up and about a few hours later, and I myself too wanted to just be outside, regardless of the rain. I did not bring my camera, it would not have survived this English conditions. Looking back now it literally (and I know I say that quite a lot, but I mean it evertime) was the most beautiful afternoon walk ever. We strolled along for the first hour until I got Marjorie to tag with me and enjoy herself, from that key moment we were once again in an adventurous mood.

We ended up exploring two bays to the fullest and one of them will stay within my mind forever. The tide comes and goes and leaves behind small pools of water within stones that were carved out over, probably, thousands of years of waves and salt water crashing against it. The farthest out that we could go turned out to host the biggest pool and within it you could glimpse into life under water. There were no fish but large amounts of seaweed, standing perfectly still because there was no movement within this still pool, there were loads of shells tagged onto the stones, a colourful palette of other plants and here is the most surprising thing and the one I was most excited about: purple moss like plants covering all of the ground and sides of it. My favourite colour since I can think is purple, and here within this small pool of sea life this colour complimented every other colour so much that this whole pool semed to glow with a realworld natural filter. I could not take my eyes off it and although I almost regretted to not have my camera or phone with me, in this same moment I was so mesmerized I could not even finish the thought of regret within my mind.

When we came home it already was dark, Marjorie and I were wet to the bones and I was freezing- because the adventure exhilarated so much I could not stay longer under the three hoods being my jumper, my winter coat and my rain coat, had them off for the last hour of our walk and enjoyed the salty wind in my lungs and the wind in my soaking wet hair, I felt wild. I was not indeed that wild when I came home and took a hot shower, had tea with water being cooked by electronic power as well as my electronical heating blanket, the wild could easily have changed into the flu otherwise and would have been a terrible idea. But as I had all those luxurious things at disposal, I enjoyed it enormously!

By the time I got to my mails I never even thought that there would be a result in from the test, but it was and once again excitement pulsed through my vains whilst dancing around the room, Marjorie was probably thinking I had my 5 minutes of crazy now. With this negative result I could go on to Inverness on Thursday, I was and am still beyond happy! Finally on to Scotland then!


As I said today was no different than yesterday with pouring rain from morning to night. We were outside three times, splitting our 4-6 hours a day walks so that we would not be soaking wet like yesterday. I washed all my used clothes, refreshed with another hot shower after the first morning walk, ate the last pieces of food and am not planning on eating anything until friday. My digestive system usually spins and I feel more comfortable before our day of travelling tomorrow when I know I take just liquid to keep hydrated. Apart from that I booked a hotel in Inverness, started packing up and also got a profile on a website called redbubble where you as an artist are able to sell your art and link your website and other social media accounts to make yourself heard of. I do not know what comes of it but I found the idea quite interesting and wanted to see how my photography would do on the site. If you are interested here is the link to my redbubble profile.

Now I will have the last night in my cozy apartment here and dream of Scotland.

Love and light, beloved souls


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