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Day 4 & 5: Dreams coming true and Wonder allround us


There is a kind of certainty that once arrived at some place, one will adapt a routine within a very short amount of time. So it happened here and it could not be more delightful, I can assure you.

Our little apartment consists of one bedroom, one bathroom and a room that at the same time serves as entrance, living room as well as kitchen area- but it is charmingly providing every need we might have. There are windows by the kitchen that allow a wonderful view over the rooftops of Newcastle South Shields, so wonderful that I paused while cooking today to make a few photographs of the astonishingly amazing sunset over the city this afternoon. The bedroom is right under the roof and only yesterday night it guided me into sleep with the sound of raindrops falling on the roof tiles. I can hardly imagine a softer way to fall asleep.

But everything in the right order now.

Yesterday was Marjorie's and my first whole day in Newcastle upon Tyne. In the morning we went to explore the right hand side of South Shields because a lovely, local woman that we met on our first day here told us about a vast beach called Sandhaven Beach. We discovered so much more, we discovered the absolute picture of what I imagined our life should look like. We discovered Horsley Hill and the raw majestic beauty of the coast of England. High above the land the wind nearly prevented me from breathing, the strongness making it even hard to walk alongside the coast with change between rain and no rain every five minutes- I adored it, freezing but adoring! We went up to Frenchman's Bay and Manhaven's Beach, climbed a few of the rocks that held strong against the ever roaring ocean waves. The salt and mist of the crashing waves was so immensely freeing and confirming of being right here in the right place of time. I was so humbled and happy and in awe at the same time I screamed into the wild winds surrounding us, out of joy and excitement and gratitude, I let out the tears of fulfillment and even more gratitude towards life, towards the recognition of how fortunate I am to being able to experience this.

Dreams do come true.

We were returning via Sandhaven Beach after nearly three hours outside, freezing but ever so happy I cannot put it into words. Just when I thought I craved a coffee I saw one take away open where everything else was closed and the nice lady contributed to the absolute joy of fulfillment. It was a glorious, truly amazingly glorious morning and by our return to the apartment I was so content with where I was, so sure that this is where I was supposed to be that the message from our AirBnB host Douglas did not struck me as a problem at all. Unfortunately they have seemed to double booked the flat and an associate with Douglas phoned me, inquiring if I was okay with moving to another building right around the corner if they would not find another solution for their guests due on Sunday morning. I was most obliged and was told to stay put until they would reconnect with me once more about the subject.

By three o'clock I knew Marjorie had not yet revocered full from our morning walk but I needed to buy dog food and groceries, I could not and would not have another delivery order of pre-made food since I sensed my body was not accustomed to the English cuisine, I needed vegetables. I had only packed enough dog food to last until our approximate arrival at our first host in Scotland which would have been tomorrow, so I needed to get some dog food if I wanted to keep Marjorie fed. To my surprise she was not reluctant to get up at all, on the contrary she seemed eager to see more of our for-now-home. So off we went in search of the center where there had to be some supermarket open. We were lucky and found everything we needed, moreso because the dog food was free of additionals as well as grain and my vegetables were organic- only downside was the amount of plastic they used to weigh it and then wrap it in, although I brought my linen bag. We then set off to make a little round back to our apartment because I wanted Marjorie to have a last run before we would hurl ourselves up in our pretty flat for the night. From near Town Hall where the stores were we walked to the pier where the pedestrian ferry docked, following the English Coast Path back to Herd Groyne Lighthouse and via Little Haven Beach back to our apartment which is situated at Seafield Terrace. We were back at six in the evening, it was dark already, once again I was freezing and Marjorie was sound asleep within minutes after eating her dinner.


Even though by now, if my plan had worked out, we would be in Inverness and most likely cross from Ullapool to the Isle of Lewis and Harris, when I woke this morning a cozy and homy feeling came over me. I did not long to be anywhere else but here and it felt good to being able to have a morning routine so short after our arrival. It is Saturday and because it felt like weekend, I longed to do some sort of wandering around without keeping to the regularity of coming home before lunch to give Marjorie her breakfast/lunch. So since I longed to explore the other side of Newcastle, meaning North Shields, and we saw the pedestrian ferry the day before, I figured why not make it an adventure and see where it leads us. Plus it was the brightest, bluest sky I have seen in ages and the sunrise promised that this was going to be a day where every minute should be spend outside.

A forty minute walk to the ferry, a 5 minute crossing the river Tyne for 3£ and we were at the Smith's Dock by ten o'clock. Wandering along Bell Street into the direction of North Shield's Quay and Fiddler's Green Fisherman's Memorial. We walked all the way along the shore, passed Tynemouth Priory and Castle and I was amazed by the beauty of the buildings that presented themselves to us. The sun was but since Marjorie needed breakfast and like yesterday I craved a coffee, we went up the hill into the direction where all the people with take away coffee came from. One local restaurant called Mister Wood's was open with a very long queue over the corner because there were many people enjoying a walk in the sun along the pier also craving some snack and warm beverage. I did not mind waiting and took my place, when a couple queued behind us. As usual when someone is near or in need of some animal love, Marjorie took her chance and looked up a the man who instantly began to pat her, so we began to talk. The waiting time passed so quickly while we chatted about "Geordie's", Newcastle's history and my travels.

After saying our goodbyes Marjorie and I sat in the sun at the ruins of the castle sight, watching over King Edward's Bay and then slowly made our way back to the ferry via Prior's Park, Northumberland Park and Union Street. Home by three o'clock but absolutely happy and content, Marjorie fell quickly asleep while I made a tea for myself, worked on some mails and before long started cooking a delicious vegetable wok dish. By the time I nearly was finished with cooking the windows above the kitchen counter presented a picture to me so exquisite I had to pause and watch. The sunset painted colours not even possible to catch with a lense, compared to the eye, but I had to try, so I spend half an hour watching and taking pictures here and there when I thought it too beautiful to just pass without capturing it's grace.

I dare say that I am in love with that which I have seen so far, even though it has only been 2 days, even though I have hardly experienced anything of England or Scotland yet, even though I might be blinded by the fortune of silent quarantine life.

But as I am drinking tea and outside a storm is raging so hard I am grateful to have a roof over my head that keeps us save, while Marjorie lies by my side and I am writing this, I really have to admit that I feel as though I am in the right place. I have felt like this before and ever changing as life is, I will feel this way again at some other place- but for today, for the Now, I belong right here and I thank every twist of faith that I was able to experience such joy within these past few days, here in Necastle upon Tyne.

Love and light, beautiful souls


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