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Serj Tankian - Saving Us


Why do we sit around and break each other's hearts tonight?

Why do we dance around the issues 'til the morning light?

When we sit and talk and tear each other's lives apart

You were the one to tell me go


But you were the one for me and now you're going through the door

When you take that step I love you baby more and more

We need to laugh and sing and cry and warm each other's hearts tonight

Observing fun of everything and loving all of mother God


A humble read between the lines of a masterpiece:

When watching the video for this song it is pretty clear why he wrote it and why he made it an official track on his album. This system we are living in is constantly trying to hide the not really beautiful parts in our world. We might seem like a very good and functioning world- but we are not. The truth is that our so-called wealth is growing, on the other side the poor get poorer and more desperate. We forgot who we are, we forgot how being nice feels, we forgot how sunlight can feel good and how being kind and help us can be integrated into our lives. We forgot how to be positive, we forgot how to be thankful for all our lives and we forgot how power destroys our every good intention and our very basic reason to be. We are human beings, all caved together on this Earth, but we do nothing else than try to earn more money and get a better life standard and buy this more that we do not need and get this from the store that we surely do not need at all.

We forget throughout the year that we are all in this together and that the first step to give nature something back is to comprehend that it is not the others but we all together that can change this life, our life, our world and our reasons to be. Unfortunately (or fortunately otherwise Serj Tankian never could have written this track which obviously is amazing!) we are not yet in this state where we can forget our hatred, our power seeking, our better this better that and so everyone is tearing everyone apart. Everyone does their best to forget we are creatures of kindness, we need to learn not to tear each other apart but to help each other. And I know it is hard- but start with the good old “one good thing a day” and you will feel more happy everyday…- and isn’t happiness what we all long for in the end?

(With much appreciation for Matt Collamer {Copyright of this picture via Unsplash}

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