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saving the world with trusting hearts

During times as disturbing as these, one could ask if there is any hope left. Is there any chance of uniting broken species such as ours. We have been enslaving, degrading, slaughtering, even erased tribes of us. Is there a way to heal the deep wounds and scars that manifest themselves in generation after generation of hatred, wrath and revenge. Not only the big scale of races, countries or religions have divided us and brought despair and death. Everyone of us hurts, in one way or the other. Hurt by bullying, hurt by greed or jealousy, hurt by our own parents, hurt by abusing relationships, hurt by selfishness or hurt by the simple sneering comment of a passerby. We hide our pain, we won't talk about it, we try to make it go away by denying that it exists, we feel alone in our sorrow, we isolate ourselves and drown in our self-doubts. Yet we crave for someone to love us, understand us, help and support us, cheer us on, share our life with, our adventures, our souls, our hearts. Contradictory, isn't it, having walls up when all we want to be is free.

Could it be that the answer is that easy? Think of the heart, take action as though your heart would rule over your head. It may well be that the answer is that simple, acting on it takes a master. For following your heart is easier said than done when you feel betrayed, ripped off of your chances to suceed, abused from those who should have loved you, wounded by injustice, intolerance and indifference. But what will become of our world, of us a species, when we do not take action and start forgiving, ourselves and others. What if we do not learn to trust again and let our hearts take the lead? It would be unimaginable, unfathomably dangerous, devastating and a death sentence for us all.

I am a huge supporter of movies that show us what could be and, even if just as a portrayal of an idea from a visionary, what already is. Stories that inspire change, spark joy and the eagerness to take change into our own hands, take action almost immediately. Tales of heros who where leading an ordinary life but were destined to become more than they ever thought they could be by following their hearts.

Raya and the last dragon is one of them, spoiler alert! More than a heroine and her cute, little pet-partner in crime, more than just her quest, her friends along the way or her so-called enemies. It paints an accurate picture of our world as it is today, divided because it was abused by those who should have protected it, us humans. It reflects the deep scars between nations, peoples, cultures that were all born out of unforgiveness or preconceptions, unsatiable greed or inhumanely mercilessness.

The once glorious world of Raya's ancestors was filled with prosperous richness of water and nature until, born out of the dark side of our human mind, dark shadows destroyed all of it. Instead of staying together as a unit, her ancestors split into five different clans, each one distinctly known for different characteristics, depicted as prejudices to distrust one another. Raya's father was eager to join them, to bring prosperity, peace, trust and love back for all of them. He failed and so in her despair over her father's loss, Raya keeps holding on to her distrust all the while searching for a way to bring him back to life. A long, humorous, lovely, heroic, animated heroine story cut short- she is able to restore the world. By forgiving herself for her own faults, realising were hatred has brought her, trusting not only in herself but also in her desginated enemy. She brings peoples, countries, cultures back together. She brings love back, all because of forgiveness, compassion and love. Even though her father was gone because of her opponent, she was able to let go of the past, remember the future she wanted to live in and gave all she had in the now.

Imagine a world where soldiers lay down their weapons and share a meal with their former enemies to see what they have in common, instead of what divides them, what they want to gain. Imagine a world where people support each other, instead of aiming to overthrow one another because of jealousy and greed. Imagine a world where everyone would love themselves enough in order to be able to hear and act in alignment with their heart. I can see that everyday, in a gesture, in a word, in a smile given to or by me. It is very clear that all starts with you, your attitude towards the world, your perception of it shapes your character and influences your actions.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words
Watch your words, they become your actions
Watch your actions, they become your habits
Watch your habits, they become your character
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

― Lao Tzu (or Mahatma Ghandi or Margaret Thatcher, source not confirmed)

If we all would see that we are in the same boat, our Mama Earth, which currently is sinking, ultimately leading to our extinction, would we start working on ourselves? Would we stop pointing fingers, stop making excuses and stop making others responsible for the mess we all created?

It is not easy to look in the mirror and acknowledge that we made and make, and also will go on making, mistakes. It is not easy to look in the mirror forgiving ourselves and start respecting, cherishing and loving ourselves. It is not easy being real about our scars, wounds, insecurities, fears, despairs, sorrows. It is not easy to be vulnerable, honest, authentic and share our experiences with others.

BUT - if just half of us would be brave enough to invest in ten minutes for either one of the above, dedicate their everyday life to three things of service for others or themselves, just imagine!

The visions I have of such a world are breathtaking and very much alive for I do not believe, I know that we are creating this bright future right now. There will be more of us bright lights, every single hour of every single day and all of us will turn the wheel around, we will save this world, one act of kindness and compassion and service at a time.

We are learning to trust again, in ouselves, in others, in the world. We are learning to love again as we start trusting our hearts.

I send all of you, beloved souls, love and light


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