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100 Posts - 661 Days of Traveling - 1 Life in 7.8 Billion

As momentous as this seems to me, in the grand scheme of things, it really is not.

Just imagine, one in nearly eight billion out there have lived the past 661 days of their lives as well, some have died, some have been born.

All have experienced good and bad days.

One in nearly eight billion.

I there anything left to say?

Is there any need to say anything at all?

Does my life, my perception, my choices amount to anything remotely of service or interest to anyone out there?

Why even bother when there is a faceless mass of people out there that do not know me and will never know me, never even read my thoughts. Do they need to?

Do I have something to tell the world, to give to them?

From the initial inspiration of reaching 100 published pieces of writing, I now feel more humbled than celebratory. I read back some of my posts. I found the odd typo or grammatical issue. Overall I did like what I read back. From the purpose of keeping everyone at 'home' in the loop of events happening, this evolved into a digital diary.




For me, yes. This blog gave me stability in this very unstable life I chose. The consistency faltered at times, the right rhythm of publishing had to be found. As I have I. In this bulk of words and stories and thoughts and perceptions, in this kaleidoscope that is me, in this never-ending story: For once I will keep it short and not elaborate.

Thank you to myself.

For keeping going, for showing up, for assembling myself, for seeing the worth and the importance. Thank you to myself for writing to stay sane, not caring of what could be thought or said about it. Thank you to myself for staying authentic and raw and honest, even if it hurt and even more, if it brought healing and joy and bliss.

Thank you to you out there who follow my journey. Thank you for reading, thank you for being part of my life, thank you for those who are in my life.

Thank you ALL.

For the strength you give me to choose life over and over again.

Thank you for finding my own truth and the courage to voice it, all the while respecting that it is not ultimate but only one tiny spec of a collective conscious truth that consists of nearly 8 billion others.

Thank you for gifting me with hope through longing nay craving for the unknown.

Thank you for the trust you installed in me, time and time again, unlearning the fear I so long attached to my essence.

Thank you for the love in my life, the abundance of generosity and connections and grace.

Thank you for the peace.

The tranquility. The calmness. The joy. The exhilaration. The ups and the downs.

Thank you for leading me to life itself.

I promise to honour and value it.

And lastly, an affirmation of gratitude for All there is:

Lead me from Death to Life
From Falsehood to Truth
Lead me from Despair to Hope
From Fear to Trust
Lead me from Hate to Love
From War to Peace
Let Peace fill our Hearts, our World, our Universe
Thank You For This Existence.

From my heart to yours, beloved souls

Love and Light


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