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Life Is Momentous

“Who knew that life could be so momentous?”
“A morning can start off like any other, but by nightfall things have occurred that could change a course forever.”


Even though Anne with an E might not be anyone's cup of tea, it most certainly is mine. I am in love with the way language is put onto a pedestal, I love how it illustrates what one can achieve when the heart is pure and strong. How a soul can thrive within a community that falls in love with it, painfully slow but continues, because the spirit within inspires change for the better. I adore that it shows the hardships that can (and should) be faced in order to grow. It is not simply a love story or a story about growing up, not only a story of a community faced with imminent societal changes, it is not only about critical historical themes such as the target-oriented erasure of indigenous culture- it is so much more than words could fathom, which is kind of a predicament because the way language is used in it, is just about the most beautiful thing to me.

Despite all the odds, all the pain and hurt faced, all the doubts sown from others and from oneself, staying true to yourself, firm in your beliefs, admit your wrongs and own them, all the while keeping your heart open to the world, is the key theme orchestrated in this series (or books), to become more than you could ever have dreamed. What captured me the most about it though was the way they showed over and over again, how a world of imagination can support, encourage and indeed change the course of your own life and all the life's around you.

I am a sucker for quotes- they give me inspiration, they give me strength, they offer support, answers and balance, sometimes even puzzle me for a long time until I really grasp their meaning. Watching Anne and the whole of the available three seasons, the writers have blessed me with so many precious statements that the one presented above surely will not be the last one that I will mention. Anne with an E, for me anyway, respresents a box of wisdom with many more wonders to find, hence (german) wunderfinder!

This special quote spoke to me in a time when I was caught up with uncertainty and the unnerving restlessness that was pressuring me to make changes in my life. It spoke to my heart and what I mean by that is not some cheesy phrase, the moment I heard it something clicked inside me, there was no thought or process in my head. Warmth spread out from the area around my heart, my belly jumped as though I had forgotten to take one step on the staircase and would be falling freely without safety- all in one nano second and only reflecting back did I realise the impact it had.

At this point in my life I had everything I wanted to achieve. I set my goals four years ago during my second burnout, a period in my life where I was blessed enough to have a partner by my side who encouraged me to heal and not just accept what I thought was the gruesome "ordinary" life with ups and downs, self-loathing and mistreatment of others.

My simple goals seemed unreachable then: self-sufficiency, financial stability, my own apartment, a sustainable and meaningful way of earning my money and emotional balance. The journey from where I was back in 2016 to where I am now in 2021 has been long and short, significant and logical, dogmatic and idealistic, full of pain, growth, pleasure and is nowhere near finished.

Similar to this quote though, what it has shown me so far is that nothing is permanent and even goals I set for myself of how I want to be or what I want to achieve, may and should be free to change, because no day is like the day before and why should it be?

Every single hour is a new chance of becoming who I want to be, every single decision - from the things I buy, the people I spend time with, the food I eat, the things I watch - everything leads to what I am. So this special quote, very dear to my heart, has taught me exactly that, funny enough also in an indeed momentous way. It may have not been the sole reason I decided to give up a life I have been building over the last four years but I believe that it was one of the many contributing factors that in total led to this decision. Factors that are very prominent and conscious as well as factors that are subtle and even unconscious, combined leading to one day where I woke up to a way of living that would be changed when I got to bed later that same day.

What I want to put out there is this one simplistic question: Are you living the life you want to life?

If so I congratulate you with all my heart, applaud you and sent you all my love!

If not, I urge you to be brave, kind and courageous and dare to take a risk. In the end there is only something to gain, an experience, a life lesson, the advantage of not having to ask yourself the question "What if...?!".

I salute you to your boldness, I wish you determination and I sent you loving energy to achieve fulfillment.

Love and light to all of you, beloved souls


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