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Knock Down The House

or “feel the change-go be and live the change”

Monday evening and I wanted to feel inspired. We always know we are on our way and every step counts but sometimes it can feel like we are stuck... certainly I feel like that, especially when I am not out there doing something that feels like having a purpose, like raising awareness that our way of living has got to change or raising my voice for those that are given none by our society.

So, once in a while I seek the enlightened, uplifting, visionary and stimulating story of people that did something great. People that just did not listen when everyone was telling them that their quest was meant to fail, people that live by the philosophy of:

“Everybody said it was not possible - then came one who did not know that and just did it.”

Knock Down The House is a Netflix (of course it is) documentary that shines light on the path of women who want to change the way politics in their country has been demoralized, corrupted and exploited by Corporate America. Every one of their stories is heartbreaking and yet they force us to see a light in ourselves, as strength and the hopes for a better future binds them to their faith in running for a seat within their political system. I could not help but startle for the first hour of the documentary in thinking if this fight was even worth it- the system is a machine and a movement seeks to bring it down?! Would not be the conclusion to put all the passion and fierceness into the building of a new system (for example a direct democracy where people vote their leaders directly and have a say in which laws they approve of, like in Switzerland where people even are able to get their own ideas of needed laws to the ballot).

But no- these brave, fine, strong, unstoppable women do groundbreaking work for their communities within a system that is set in stone ... for now. Who knows what the future will hold if a few women like them, without corporate money but with all the support of their communities,can knock down the house? And what more, they spread the believe that change can happen, that if you live by what you preach you can reach people`s hearts, gain their trust because you deserve it and change the way things usually are handled, replace it with giving back power to the one`s that should own it in the first place: the people.

Tears sprung to my eyes when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was scared to go into the location where all her followers and co-workers were waiting for her because she was afraid to let them down, let all the people down that voted for her, giving their voice an echo through making their way

to an election office, having Alexandria in mind while feeling a glimpse for possible changes. There was no “I” within this campaign, no “I” within her fear of not winning, there only was “WE” and “US” and “OURS” and I guess that came through and made her indeed win the election. Something new was born, not only for her but for her community.

Tears sprung to my eyes when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sat in front of the White House, having won her campaign and with it the trust of her community, telling the story of her late father taking her to that same place and telling her that “[...]you know,this all belings to us, this is our government, it belongs to us, so all of this stuff is yours[...]”.

And there it was, amidst my tears because of all that overflowing hope for the success in changing history, this feeling I was hoping to feel: enlightened, uplifted, visionary, stimulated, inspired by all those woman that did not (unlike me) binge-watch other people`s journey but instead sought out to fight, work and find their own.

I want to thank #alexandriaocasiocortez and all human beings out there that give their everything for a better world everyday, for being inspiring and showing that there are real people out there, willing to give it their all for the sheer purpose of making the lifes of their community better and showing the world that anything can be achieved - even if we have never seen anyting like it before.

Lastly I want to pinpoint from a spiritual view that the dominion of female empowerment focues in this piece, should not be understood as gender. On the contrary. We live in a reality that should be balanced out within polarity, meaning that equality should be held between the masculine and feminine energy. For a long time the masculine energy was dominant and had no real counter part that could have prevented it from being morphed into extremes. Now the feminine had been rising and within this healing process of integrating trauma, every sign of the feminine gaining strength within empowerment feels spectacular because ultimately it will lead to more balance, benefitting us all. Underlying this, said polarity resides in every one of us too, we inhabit feminine and masculine energy, therefore a rise in feminine should not be seen as a gender debate but more as a rising to balance.

With that said, I am in high hopes for humanity!

Much love and kindness, dearest soul


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