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Day 69 - 71: Sunday wellness, Monday work and Tuesday wisdom


How I love to be completely up to date with every task I set out to do, it is not the best feeling in the world anymore, which is healthy, but still it is a very good one!

The most important things I wanted to achieve by Sunday were finishing the first class of the second module of my online class, starting the outline and the first writing draft of my book, some cleaning around the house, a Skype call with my family and my future host in Northern Ireland, preparing gifts, fill in some application forms as well as replying to a few mails, texts and of course writing a blog post. Additionally I intended to enjoy some more exploring around the local area for dog walks. Saturday we hiked around "the end of the world", Sunday we were hiking around the area of Loch Mheacleit. The beauty of every single place I visited on this island so far is just unfathomable. Even though I try my best to really capture the beauty and grace, the colours, the ambiance, there is no way to truly grasp it, not with videos nor with photos.

As usual Elliot and I had a good pilates/yoga practice, followed by games and afterwards binge watched two Pixar movies, "Ferdinand" and "Tangled".

I simply adore animated movies, the lovely stories about heroes that set out, willingly or coincidentally, to find out who they are, learn to believe in themselves, make the world a place with more love in it and the subtle moral messages behind it all, complimented by making friends along the way. With all these happy endings I was one happy "Dino", as my hosts nicknamed me, when I came home and sank into a fairytale-like, deep sleep.

Monday was planned to be a day dedicated to the polytunnel for some more sowing and DIY creations for the peas and beans to climb up on. Instead we spontaneously were driving two loads of pallets to the croft to create, yet again DIY, shelters for the sheep that would be moved before they gave birth. As this task involved very heavy lifting and moving of things, we were back at the house by half past three in the afternoon and decided to treat ourselves to a lovely cup of tea and a few rounds of playing Domino.

It was pretty exciting to witness how easy it was to create shelter for the moms to be and their little ones by reusing things that otherwise would have had no purpose but be burned as firewood. And also it turned out to be perfect timing because today was the day with the best weather forecast of the week, broad sunshine with no clouds and a little breeze to not get too hot- perfect conditions for moving the sheep down the street into their new home where they would give birth in two week's time.

My morning started off with my webinar at Shaw Academy where I am now close to halftime for module two. While I was immersed in learning new things, Marjorie decided that this would be the day to escape from the garden, how I do not know although I need to find out because I do no want to supervise her constantly. By the time she and I arrived at the main house for my morning coffee and briefing for the day ahead, we were fifteen minutes late which I did not like at all. But instead of drinking coffee, getting briefed and then going on to start the working day, a simple question of mine during coffee, concerning Google Analytics became the most insightful and inspiring conversation I've had in a long time. Andrew bursts with wisdom and intelligent thoughts, sees connections and gets you to understand everything on a bigger scale, broadens the spectrum of understanding, sparks new ways of thinking and different approaches of handling. In the end I had a free lesson in philosophy and we left the house at around eleven o'clock.

First task of the day was moving the sheep. The first attempt seemed to work out pretty good but then Marjorie appeared from out of nowhere and with no training and no knowledge of commands, she directed them out the gate onto the land opposite of where we wanted them to be. After getting her into the back of the car, the second attempt was finished smoothly and perfectly with all forty sheep safe and sound on their new grazing ground. Afterwards we had time to do the DIY constructions for the climbing peas and beans, before it was time to go home and call it a day.

Always one of my favourite parts of the day is the coming home and having a cup of tea, talking about the day passed or the days to come with my hosts, the to do lists, the tasks ahead or anything else that might pop into our minds. This time, naturally over a nice cup of tea, I had the pleasure to engage in a very exciting conversation about countries, societies, wars, global warming and the future way of living with Andrew.

A most inspiring day draws to a close as I am trying to keep all the recieved ideas and inspirations in my mind. I am so humbled to have met my hosts. They give me so much knowledge, genorosity, kindness- I feel more than blessed that I got to know them and spend my first two months with them. They spark joy in my heart, light the desire to gain experience and truly, and probably most importantly, they strengthen my ability to trust in myself, in me as a person, in my skills. Courage made me take the risk of giving up my life in Switzerland, but never could I have imagined to meet so much kindness and wisdom. Thank you, dearest Sarah, Andrew and Elliot, Bolt, Freyja, Rock and Wisp!

Deeply humbled, feeling blessed and over the moon, filled with inspirational ideas that spark my drive to grow into the best version of myself, I wish that all the world could have the opporuntity to experience the same kind of gratitude I am experiencing every day.

All love and light, beloved souls, for all of you


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