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Day 59 - 62: Time flies by

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

4.3. - 7.3.2021

This week has gone by so fast that I can't even catch up with what has been achieved. After the progress of getting the polytunnel ready for it's purpose of growing plants, moving the seedlings into their floating shelved cradles and finishing a potting table to work on, finally we arrived at the stage were we could really work in it as well. We did our first batch of new seeds on Friday, sowing them into seed tray and root trainers and pots, working inside the polycrub while outside the winds started to get stronger, always by our side as a personal <marji>ssistant, of course my darling girl!

In the morning we had done some gardening at the main house, like cutting back willows before they began to sprout. With the new built compost station we were even able to make good use of the cuttings and it was rewarding to have them filled up and pre-prepaired for when the layers of greens and browns will be coming more frequently.

And of course the daily animal feeding, especially as the sheep are nearing their birthing season. For me this means: Quad time, is it work or is it fun?!

Apart from that I was able to gain experience in guttering, because Sarah and I were installing gutters on both sides of the polytunnel, two barrels at the ends of both gutters to collect the rain water.

On Saturday I spent me day off on the other side of the island, outside and with the appropriate social distance because I had promised to help other crofters, they were in desperate need of essential help to keep their croft going. It really was a plus for me to support someone in need and again increase the knowledge about what it takes to grow and sustain a living with this profession, as well as for them because they needed assistance. In the end I might even say it was more of a plus for me because as a thank you, I was presented with a self-baked vegan chocolate cake - and it was the most delicious cake I ever had!

With a week full of work and a lot less warmth from the sun that I had anticipated, I felt energized in the morning to have a wonderful stroll along the white sand beach and turquoise ocean of Reef Beach, but afterwards fell into a coma during my online class. I remember having a sip of my tea, watching the seconds count down for the start of my webinar and then nothing until I woke up half an hour late for a scheduled telephone call with a friend back in Switzerland. Having overslept my online course, fast asleep for nearly two hours, I felt okay though because my body seemed to have needed it. Afterwards it was Sunday game and dinner time which I enjoyed very much, because as always there was a lot of laughing, learning and delicious creations to eat.

Summed up I did enjoy this week and the tasks I was lucky enough to be part of, nonetheless I need to take it slow. Having been working six days this week, it felt more of a blur then I want it to be. Obviously this is my fault for not continously staying in the Now, staying focused on meditation and awareness. Then again, isn't it wonderful how each week, each day even, can teach you exactly the things that you can apply, and try to improve at, after they have been brought to your attention? Sometimes I wonder how amazingly brilliant our minds are, when you just give them some time to catch up, some time to quiet down and start reflecting on what they have experienced and what things led to others.

One additional thing I would love to share: I did not finish my weekly assignments to do list but I did not feel in any way bad about it. There is something freeing about just letting things happen and not stressing if they do not fit into your plan anymore. I always thought prioritizing was about selecting the most important task and working your way down to the least important one without interference from something else, however after this week I have come to the conclusion that things that come up spontaneously might be the most important task for you and your own development just then and once the timing is right, there will be space for what you initially marked as the most important one.

Love and light, to all of you, beloved souls


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