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Day 55 - 58: From the End of the World to New Beginnings

28.2. & 3.3.2021

On Sunday I was once more invited for games, sport and dinner at my host's house. With a whole day for myself ahead I figured I should get on with my online classes, so I scheduled one in the morning and one after lunchtime in order to have enough time for a lovely walk. With Bolt and Marjorie I was aiming for something not that challenging but still new- so even though I did not plan on it we ended up at the so-called "End of the World". The weather was impressive with winds and dark clouds building up on the horizon and the ambiance reflected the place's name very much. As I knew I should keep an eye on Bolt because his joy for life often drives him to run around more than he should, I stayed close to the car and explored the surrounding area. The waves crashing on the shore were amazing and huge. Above there was a couple of sea eagles flying in search of prey and watching them communicating with each other, flying down to the surface of the ocean to catch a fish and coming up again, was very captivating. A small concrete path for letting ships down from a trailer into the ocean but seemed to not have been used in quite a time, exposed a variety of crabs and small fish carrying on with their day to day life, crawling over each other and basically just excisting anaware of the giant human being above filming their movements. My gaze fell upon two shells, and I do not mean the sweet little shells from a beach, I mean the huge one's that you may have as a decoration on a plate when you order seafood as a starter!

As usual Marjorie seemed to feast on something in the far distance but I assumed it to be seaweed, later in the night she was up multiple times retching it all up and out of her body though, leading to me now suspecting that it might have been some dead animal like a fish.

After the second class of the day I made brownies out of the ingredients from a care package my glorious friends had sent me to bring with me for dinner. At the main house we started out with some games and I can announce that this time I won one round of "Tri-Ominos". Pure joy that finally I was good at something flooded my cells and gave me enough motivation and strength to enjoy Elliot and my workout consisting of stretching to warm-up, pilates and yoga exercising. After a fabolously delicious dinner Marjorie and I went home, for a night of yet unknown getting up's and distress because of Marjorie's vomiting.

While Monday was a very succesful day because we finished to put the top soil into all of the raised beds in the polytunnel, Tuesday was the most exciting one because we collected 25 chickens and brought them to their new home with us on the croft.

Then again today was byfar the most amazing day as well, as well because I think that nearly everyday is so different and special in and of itself. I had a very good morning and was able to do some coursework before I went down to the main house for coffee and the briefing of the plans for today. After that Sarah surprised me with a morning walk together with Freyja and Bolt to a very special place near Reef Beach where we saw sea eagles and both Freyja and Bolt did a lot of swimming while Marjorie was off hunting rabbits. On our way back to get the seedlings from the Longhouse where I currently stay in, Andrew called and said we would be moving the two male sheep onto another grasing which was exciting because I could contribute as an assistant sheperd. While we put Freyja and Bolt into the house and were putting everything we need into the Van I got presented with the most lovely gesture from Elliot: Flowers! Red, orange, purple and some that will be blossoming very soon- all together in such a beautifully arranged bundle, I was speechless! The fact that he would be so kind and gentle to buy flowers for me just because... I am very moved and once more suprised by the generosity of people!

The afternoon was filled with DIY work. We build shelving for the root trainer and seedtray seedlings above the raised beds and build a working table out of palettes. It was so much fun doing this and once more I enjoyed working with Sarah as well as having Marjorie with us on the croft! She used the time to rub herself in some kind of poo which is why I bathed her as soon as I came home late in the evening.

I feel so blessed, I feel so at home here, I feel so full of joy I might burst. It truly is astounding and surprising and so humbling to feel all of these positivity in my heart, in my soul. Obviously I started this journey to find out what I want my life to look like but I did not think that so early on in my travels I already could picture which route I want to take, where I want to end up, what I want to do in my future.

Getting up in the morning, before the alarm, with excitement to start the day, with a slight prediction of what it might bring but with so much space for spontaneous changes and additions! I love my days, I love myself, I love this place, I love this life!

Love and light to all of you, beloved souls


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