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Day 53 & 54: In Praise Of Paradise

26. & 27.2.2021

While I am able to watch the full moon rise over the mountain on the opposite side of the house, I am beginning to realize that I can never go back to anything else than this. It has only been two months since I quit my life in Switzerland and yet I know now, I need to live near the ocean where I can hear the wind and waves, see blankets of clouds travel by, birds soaring with the air currents, crabs cover themselves hurriedly into the sand to not be exposed, breathe freshness, admire nature, lochs, sheep, deer and everything else that is so special and dear to me.

I enjoy working in this environment, I enjoy the culture of having a tea every now and then jsut because, I enjoy the variety of jobs that I can do and above all I enjoy exploring everything everywhere!

It is so hard to believe that I spent the majority of my life indoors before Marjorie came to me but then again my love for Scotland is at the beginning and yet not in any way similar to the beginning of my love for Aarau back in Switzerland.

Aarau is not secluded, I think it charmed me because it was about the people and the feeling of community, being able to achieve sustainable change hand in hand with people. Also the aspect of comfort played into my affection as everything I needed was reachable by foot: my flat, my office, my organic, vegan, package-free groceries, my vegan treats like ice cream in a cone or meals for take away, my doctos and spiritual teachers, my friends and confidantes, my volunteer work.

Aird Uig, the town I will be living in until the middle of April, has 38 residents, it is not only the most secluded place I ever lived, it really is as secluded as it gets around these parts. The distance you can go by foot brings you nowhere near anything apart from moors, cliffs and beaches- at the most you can reach the local shop which would take you about 2 hours to get to. It is evidentially more useful to have a helicopter fly you to the next (and only) hospital on the island in Stornoway than have an emergency car drive one and a half hours, for one way. There is no access to any kind of therapy treatment like Physio, Cranio Sacral or Reiki here.

And yet...

I do not need any of that- I have never slept better, I have never felt more like myself, I have never felt more at peace. The loveliest compliment I got to assure myself that this is not anything I talk myself into, just because I want to live my life so badly in this way, came from my mother. When she said that I have never looked so happy since I was a child, excited and in love with life's wonders, I knew that she was right because I felt it too. Especially today at Reef Beach, the very epitome of my adoration for our Mama Earth.

I wrote a love letter to Aarau at the beginning of my journey. What I now can do is write a love letter to Aird Uig and the part of Lewis I have explored so far:

I love that you sit on the corner of the world, right by the ocean, a rainbow overhead. I love how the waves formed your edges and these cliffs humble us with their millions of years of age and millions of different color ranges. I love how you are the home for genorous and amiable people, resilient, strong, gracious animals as well as lush, beautiful and unique flora. I love how the wind howls, the rivers gush, the ocean tides, the waves crush, the sun shines and the clouds pass by. I am humbled and full of gratitude for the experiences you offered me, the revelations you brought me and the lessons you taught. I am amazed, at a loss for words and unfathomable in love with you.

Love and light, beloved souls


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