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Day 47 & 48: Dreamdays and Doomdays

20. & 21.2.21

This weekend has been everything on the palette of emotions- and all of it without any work, just free leisure time with unexpected turns!

Saturday started off with my first time driving alone in a country that has left sided traffic. I was not very nervous though, because I had been given instructions and a lesson from Andrew, as well as two times driving home from the polytunnel with Sarah. It was supposed to be very beautiful until around one o'clock and I figured a walk on the beach of Ardroil would be just the most special treat on my day off. So loaded up with Marjorie and Bolt, our animal retirement squad, I drove off and only ten minutes later we found ourselves at the Dunes, turquoise water and white sand stretched before us into infinity. It was heavenly and I absolutely one hundred percent HAVE to go back again several times!

The rest of the day I was a busy student with two home assignments, two lessons within module 1 of my online class, as well as a lot of research on the topic to get to know other ways of approaching the subject. Now my blog is just for personal use but I think with determination, perseverance and commitment it could definitely grow into something that can be of service to others. All of the work and love and devotion will contribute to something I do not even know yet, which is why I want to start thinking about opportunities and approaches, learn from what others with a similar intention have build and how they run their businesses.

If I had thought my Sunday would consist of a lovely morning hike, nice late lunch with coffee and another lesson of the online course, I was badly mistaken! As unpredictable as the weather was today, ranging from pure sunshine to horrid rain storms, Marjorie was a good match to that: First she behaved extraordinary, listening to me without chasing any sheep even off her lead, then she disappeared and reappeared several times, which in all honesty was somewhat the usual, until at last when she ran away and did not come back.

I ended up scared to death with images in my head about all the things that could have happened to her like blown over a cliff and drowning, stumbeling over a stone and due to pain incapable to move, a flesh wound from a fence while she was crawling through and from that bleeding to death, and so many more I do not even want to write them down. In total I went up and down that mountain road and last 93 steps four times, made additional climbs and hikes all over the area all the while screaming her name against the harsh winds and lashing rain for a thousand times. When I finally gave up and thought I had to go and see if she had gone home, I had been out for a total of more than four hours, freezing and soaking wet to the bones. Earlier I had called Sarah but due to the weather I was unable to understand a word and thought I'd rather not want to disrupt their work and should handle this myself. But shortly before I arrived at the main house to see if Marjorie was there, they stopped beside me in their car, having interrupted their work because they were worried and could not reach me on my mobile phone. Although I would have wanted to act more like an adult, instead I broke into tears as all of my fear kicked in immediately when I told them that I had been looking for Marjorie for over two hours and could not find her. Sarah got out of the car, hugged me and both, she and Andrew, within one second established a plan and were so sure about it that something mended within me.

Something in their behaviour gave me reassurance that we would find her. Sarah would go and check the main house and the Longhouse, while Andrew and I would drive back to the street up the mountain where I had last seen her.

And so we did - only we did not need to look for her because Marjorie waited in the driveway of the main house which Sarah told us only minutes after we had turned around to get to the mountain.

I never in my life was so relieved to see her again, never! It was the first time, in this foreign country without many streets or people that might have helped her find her way back to me, it was the first time during such horrendous weather conditions that I had lost her, it was the first time ever she did not come back.

Long story short - she found her way back without my help and after some digestion and a very hot shower, a lovely afternoon of exercising with Elliot, different board games with both Sarah and Elliot and an absolutely delicious dinner cooked by Andrew, I think I should be proud of her. I am exhausted though, the emotional rollercoaster and the hours I spend outside were challenging.

So without further ado- I sent you love and light, dear beloved souls!


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