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Day 41 & 42: Yoga Sunday & Shoveling Monday

Updated: Feb 16, 2021


The winds increased drastically, nonetheless it felt like it has been ages since I was out on a long walk of exploration with Marjorie. She seemed very keen to have one as well and off we went into the storm where at times full body strength was required to keep me from being blown onto my back! It was a little exploring but with these strong winds I wanted to make sure I at least knew the area a bit, so we kept it safe and sound and stayed on a known grassland of cattle. Amazing as it always is when you are able to witness the force of nature and this beautiful landscape, I ended up at a very high stone, similar to a standing stone, that gave me a little bit of shelter from the raging winds. Not only that it allowed me to have a spectacular view over the ocean from the horizon to the cliffs. I could not stop watching the waves crashing into islands, into each other, the wind carrying the spray that was forming up into the air, the turquoise water forming spirals that would for sure drown anyone that would get caught in them.

With a warm coffee on the table at home while the storm continued outside, I focused my attention on getting my assignment done for an online class I started only a few days ago. Afterwards I completed another lesson and was delighted to receive an invitation for afternoon tea and games at the main house with Sarah and Elliot. I enjoyed playing with them a lot and was able to improve my English along the way. We started with Bananagrams (kind of similar to Scrabble but not really) and had two rounds of Exploding Kittens, which I can really recommend for two reasons. One is the design and creativity of the cards that get you enjoy it with a fit of laughter on the way, the other is that the aim here is to really not explode the kittens, which makes it not morbid after all.

Sarah and Elliot joinedme for a short yoga and stretching session to complete our afternoon meeting and although I had not been doing much I felt it was enough for today. I enjoyed another delightful meal and treated myself to some TV until it was time to go to bed. Surprisingly enough I stumbled across a channel that is called Drama and showed the very early version of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, which turned out to be a series and no movie (the one with Colin Firth, not the one with Keira Knightley, though the latter is my favourite fo them all). Googlebox was another thing I came across and I think it might be an English thing but I rather enjoyed it- basically they film ordinary people watching TV with their mostly spot on comments about what they see and think about it.


With an early start this morning because of the small window we had to shovel the top soil into the raised beds of the polytunnel (not frozen but also not soaking wet), I managed to get Marjorie out of the house for our morning walk and was at the main house by nine. And apart from feeding the animals, this was literally what we were doing all day. But we had fabolous community this time because Freyja and Bolt joined us and whenever possible were up to a cuddle and even a backwards dance (mostly because after moving the wheel barrow on the path back to the bed the soil was going in, Freyja had followed and would not turn herself in order to get back out which led to a motivational sound imitation of a truck going backwards while Freyja, excited about the attention, started wiggleing backwards, similar to a dog dance). I have to admit that I neared the end of what I could do with my muscles, it seems I have a lot to gain in this regard as my fitness and strength are in desperate need of improvement! Now my fingers hurt, my wrists hurt and my neck and shoulders do the rest- even writing, or say typing like this, makes me wonder how the day tomorrow will be. I am glad that due to harsh weather conditions, and Sarah's wisdom of not doing the same days on end because it wears you off, we are having an administration office kind of day tomorrow, provided that my fingers are working :)

So, that is basically all of it and it might not sound exciting but I can assure you everyday brings so much new knowledge and growth with it, be it muscular or mental. I am very happy here and I am so grateful for the amount of insight I gain here and the improvement of my knowledge as well as skills I am able to achieve. Basically I witness a huge polytunnel project of growing one's own food from start to finish, with all the hardship and joy it brings. I might repeat myself, it is important though- working with Sarah is so much more than just doing a job, today for example I learned to count to ten in Scottish Gaelic and these things make hard manual labour more than exciting and worthwhile!

I send all of you love and light, health and happiness, joy and growth beloved souls


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