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Day 37 & 38: Hay day & Finishing Touches


Another lovely day began with a clear blue sky, almost no clouds and a sun that held the promise of spring to arrive soon. The crisp air may have been cold but the sunlight felt stronger with warming rays to the skin and through the layers of clothing.

This was the day that we had to do several things, including groceries for both humans and animals, as well as collecting hay, strictly for animals only. I enjoyed getting up with the prospects of seeing different parts of the Isle, with a backseat back window giving me an opportunity to take in the different landscapes and energies to them. While Marjorie snoozed with concerned glances here and there because of the bumpy roads, I got to just sit totally relaxed and watch the beauty I so longed to see for such a long time, pass by. Not only the colours were mesmerizing also the way how things were frozen over because no sunlight would even get to these spots, or how streams underneath some of the bigger Lochs could be identified simply because the layers of ice were a bright white in contrast to the general darker majority to the rest of it. I loved the different heights of mountains and how you could tell from a distance by the snowy tops, I enjoyed seeing rural huts where the locals used to spend their summers while their animals would grase there and give the coastal areas a break, similar to the huts in the Swiss Alps were they would produce cheese and look after their animals. The stories from Sarah about certain towns and sights along the way were fantastic and brought education with a high remembrance factor with them.

The beauty of the day seduced us to take a stroll in the Stornoway Castle gardens, mostly because Marjorie needed a walk anyway, and although at first I thought this was going to be "just" a park, it turned out to be a huge area of different kind of paths, strolls, bike ways, over hills and near rivers or streams, with gorgeous views over the town and the far end of the horizon. The weather was so good you could even make out the high mountains of the mainland of Scotland in the distance! It was not at all what you would expect and turned out to be quite the paradise for any kind of outdoor exercise you would fancy, so not "just" a park, indeed Castle Grounds.

Andrew picked us up and I was handed a vegan sandwich, such a lovely gesture, so thoughtful, I really was taken aback yet again by the consideration and kindness of my hosts.

On the drive back from Stornoway we collected over twenty bales of hay and we were on our way back home when Andrew felt that something was not looking quite right on the trailer. He pulled right from the main road to have alook at it and when he stopped we were on the backside of the parking space that led up the hill to the Calanais Standing Stones. There obviously were restrictions allowing only essential travel, which we adhered to as feeding animals surely is essential, but as these stones were at the top of my bucket list for the Isle of Lewis and Harris, Andrew graciously agreed to let Sarah and me out of the car and have a look as well as taking pictures, while he would see to the trailer.

There were huge! And just standing there like trees, firm in the ground for 4000 years! The sun was slowly going down as it was past three in the afternoon already, the mood was magical, transcendent and very powerful. Even with such a short amount of time to take in their full elegance, timelessness and possible historical significance, they had a deep impact on me and I pray that come March with less restrictions we might be able to visit them again before I take my leave.


With the weather being nothing short of brilliant this week, today was the day we finished the pathways inside the polytunnel. It took Sarah and I four days of work full of shoveling mud into a barrel, bringing it out to the side of the tunnel, collecting stones by hand, bringing them into the tunnel and collecting bag over bag of gravel to put over them, to have a now beautifully smooth path on both sides of the tunnel with the addition of one side that will serve as a working space with a table and shelves. We not only finished today, we were even able to help Elliot with some creative ideas on a school project.

A wonderful day, to tell you the least, with the most amazing sunset over a white sand beach in the middle of cliffs. What more could one ask for?

Love and light, beautiful souls!


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