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Day 28 & 29: Philosophy within routine & Last day of quarantine


The secluded, rural life has me fascinated with the many facettes of joy and aliveness. Admittedly I do not live a minimalist life here at the moment as the generosity of my hosts has given me the opportunity to live in a house equipped with everything one might need. But then again I came to enjoy having more than one pan, pot or fork and I also enjoy having Wifi, which because of my two weeks in Newcastle without access, count as luxury for me now. And I enjoy it without a feeling of betraying my principles or resolutions.

My life for the past five years has been all about sustainability and limiting my own carbon footprint, about the question how much do I need to be happy and if happiness is an achievable goal, philosophically even what the goal in life is if there is a goal or if, like some might suggest, life is about the path rather than the neverending setting of a next and next and next goal to achieve.

I set myself the goal to downsize my life, live sustainably and work my way to end up at a self sufficient, off-grid, sustainable life in a community that shares those beliefs.

For now I have achieved minimalism and own (with changes but no new additions, since I last did the video of packing up for the trip) 103 things. Since I left I have produced approximately 70l worth of trash (mostly because in Newcastle the recycling systems have yet to be established, or so I think because there was no sign that indicated any form of recycling, not even greens), but I can live with that since on the one hand I had no other choces available and on the other hand I am working on a 100% sustainable lifestyle on this journey ahead, so for now I will give it time.

All of this comes to my mind as the last two days have been all about a new formed routine of a what daily life could look like in this secluded, windy, beautiful country. During our morning walks, after a few hours of work while cooking lunch, when looking out of the window at the wildlife while eating and throughout the afternoon walks as the sun sets and I retreat to the comforts of the warmth of a home. In the end it all added up to one thought only and that is how much I could picture myself trying to find fulfillment within all of it.

Interestingly this very last thought came to me as I was outside in the night watching the stars above, stunned by their brightness, their closeness, their absolute grace and from out of nowhere a shooting star was visible for just a second and a flood of gratitude and joy submerged my every cell.

This was possible, fulfillment was achievable, the life I envision is accomplishable and I had taken the first step into this precise direction by trying, leaving the comforting frame of all I was accustomed to behind, giving it a shot, going onto this adventure and start somewhere.

There may still be several thousand steps ahead, granted, but if I learned something in my now 32 years on this planet it is that every walk starts with the first step. You may never know where you are heading but as long as you put your focus on the joy of each step at a time, joy will stay with you even if you take a misstep, it might just turn out to be what you needed and in the end it, too, is a step. And in my experience these so called missteps challenged me to outgrow myself and become a better human being, now on an adventure I would never have thought within my reach of courage to do.


Today I treated myself to laziness. Mostly because I have yet to learn about weather conditions and how to read the clouds and winds. In the morning there was a bright blue sky over the ocean, high winds over the land with huge, gray clouds coming from the mountains, to me indicating that rain was to come and it was not wise to make a daytrip to the beach. Although I initially planned to follow the street and find said beach, I therefore changed my mind and went to have a short 1.5 hours morning walk, ended up with coffee on my work station, had a late lunch at 1:30 and was instantly rewarded afterwards by receiving a text from Sarah saying she would take me to exactly that beach I longed to go to since I first saw it, more than a week ago.

The nice talk, the energy from both Bolt and Freyja, and of course Marji, the sun, the beach, the view- it all made for a beautiful hour of unexpected joy.

This day is my last in quarantine and all I want is to get moving, start being of some sort of support, benefit and assistance to Sarah and Andrew. Now tomorrow first thing in the morning I will take Freyja on the morning walk with us and afterwards find out what, how, when and everything else. I am exhilarated, I am so glad that finally everything starts fall into place.

Ready to ramble!

Love and light to all of you, beloved souls


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