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Day 2 & 3 : Kindness everywhere

Updated: Jan 13, 2021


Yesterday started out as the days before with a feeling of weakness and sickness, I still do not know why that is but I went outside anyway - the dunes and beach of Wijk aan Zee were calling as well as Marjorie's needs of course.

This time we went to the forest, or what one would call forest if they had never been to one in Switzerland or Austria. But although the trees were tiny and vegetation rather scarce, I enjoyed it with all senses. Surprisingly there was no smell of salt in the air, the ocean was so near but only the cries of seagulls and the sand on the ground of the woods were hints of that fact. It was about two hours later that I noticed that we had gotten lost in the vastness of the protected dunes/forest area. At first I wanted to cry in frustration and worry but as I had arranged a later check-out and there were a few people passing us by now and again, I took a couple of deep breaths inhaling the clean, fresh air, calmed myself and with the kind help of some locals we found our way back to the beach to complete our big morning walk as planned. As it happened we even arrived at the same time our AirBnB host Ineke was with her dogs on the beach. Marjorie and the puppy Wolfie played while we talked and went back together.

After that it was time to pack up and leave.

I had checked the bus schedule before leaving to walk that morning and knew from another lovely local that I had met the day before, that I needed to have one change to get to the ferry terminals. The bus arrived, the driver was of much help and guided me to the other bus where yet another gentle bus driver told me where to get off and how to get to the terminal. I am so grateful to encounter so much support and kindness with everyone I meet, sometimes I wonder how I could have ever imagined there being more cruelness than kindness in the world.

While checking in at the terminal desk there was a problem with the tapeworm tablet inscription in Marjorie's passport but yet again the kind woman was so obliged to be of assistance and confirmed many times that it was not my fault, in the end she accepted a receipt from my vet in Aarau sent by mail. Nadine, the vet assistant whose name I share, was also so obliged to help, it really moved me how kindness always weighs out anger or guilt.

The cabin was quite cozy but if all four beds would have been taken, there would have been literally no space to move, gladly Marjorie and I had the cabin for ourselves so as soon as the ship left the harbour we cuddled together on my bed, she soundly asleep and me writing some notes for another blog article not yet published and eating for the first time because of hunger and not because I had to, in order to keep my strength up. It was delicious and I felt how good it did to my body, being able to like the smell and taste of food again. Before going to bed we checked the "pet hotel area" to see if Marjorie indeed would enjoy a pee or poop experience on board instead of holding it in until the next morning. Now everyone who knows her can guess right now how that went. There simply was a small area at the back of the ship with all wet grass imitating carpets and a water hydrant surrounded by a small field of little stones - no real grass or anything that would have sufficed for Lady Marjorie to do her business. She looked at me in disgust, having trouble to find a save way through the soaking wet area, unsure if it was just water or pee or a mix of poo and water. I knew it was hopeless and we went right back to the comforts of our little, clean kingdom with freshly washed and creamed paws. Before sleep both my hosts from Scotland wrote to me, the one's that cannot host me during january telling me how they had contacted my hosts for february to assist me, and then the lovely hosts fro february offering their assistance in any way possible from their end. With this the day drew to a close and I warmth filled my heart through the night because of Marjorie right at my side, a blanket and the kindness shown to me in every part of my life.


For the first time since last saturday back in Switzerland, I woke up this morning without a feeling of sickness or dizziness. Instead I was taken aback to not feel all anxious or overwhelmed, it took me a visit at the pet toilet area outside to trust the feeling that there were no circuit issues today.

While Marjorie refused to take advantage of this dog toilet because it was savage to her, we watched the sunrise and were joined by a couple with their absolutely cute dog Lemy. They returned after a family visit in Poland to London and had the same high standard for their beloved dog as I have, taking this ferry to Newcastle even thought they needed to ride a train for five hours to get back to London, just because they did not want him being transported as luggage as it would have been like with other ship companies that do not offer pet friendly cabins. It was so lovely to chat with them and hear their stories, we will definitely stay in contact and I hope to see them again one day!

An hour and a half later we stood at the border force desk and because WWOOFing is not quite known yet and the travel restrictions were only tightened earlier this week, we had to wait there for about two hours while the wonderfully nice lady at the border force desk ran back and forth to have me permitted into the country, my causing her inconvenience did not bother her at all and she was so absolutely supportive, I could not thank her enough! While waiting, another woman, also border force, was waiting with me so that the border desk was not unoccupied and we talked for the whole waiting time about travelling and Newcastle and dogs, the time flew by and I was so suprised when noticing that two hours had passed since arriving at the border control and being permitted in. During the last ten minutes or so there came another young woman, also in uniform and from border control, telling me that she herself has adopted a stray dog from Romania last week called Milow. I was relieved when they let me in but also would have liked to go on with the talk, it was such a pleasant encounter.

My way to the AirBnB apartment in Newcastle for quarantine purpose was also very easy to find, the chat with the woman from border control, two very kind and cooperative bus drivers and one local guided me safely here. Although I thought I wanted to rest before exploring the surroundings of our new home for the next two weeks, the excitement of this smooth experience to be on the island, in the UK, the kindness that I have been shown by anyone I had encountered so far, all of it led to exhilaration and Marjorie and I went out directly after putting down Uwe, the backpack. Now after our first two hours of exploration, evening walk, much rest and food delivery, I am so blessed to sit here on this cute, little sofa, drinking warm tea, hearing the rain outside pouring down on Newcastle upon Tyne and writing this, while watching Marjorie sleep beside me on her blanket. I am very content, moreso I am happy.

So for the next two weeks Newcastle will be explored, photographed and enjoyed, the next step of this trip will take form in whatever way and Marjorie and I will have a long time to rest after these eventful 3 days of travelling.

Light and love, dearest souls


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