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Day 18 & 19: Nature, more nature, Scotland


Saturday's sun rose over the hills surrounding Inverness, a sky as blue as ever, no clouds above though somewhat in the distance some white and fluffy soared by, the air filled with the smell of frozen soil while the birds were busy chirping. Truly, if I would have been able to open my windows and whistle some Disney princess's gentle tune, I feel like those birds might have helped me getting dressed.

Our plan for this day was go as far north as possible, along the Caledonian Canal starting at the Jacobite Cruises, which are closed obviously but nonetheless the best point as we were by foot coming from our hotel, the Glen Mhor. By lunchtime at around 12:30 we arrived at Sea Lock House which gives you and amazing view over the snowy tops of multiple glens (meaning mountains). After lunch, or breakfast, for Marjorie and some hot tea for myself, we enjoyed the view for a short break. The sun was warming us both and although the noise of traffic was not at all subtle, I somehow ended up with my eyes closed, face warmed by the rays of sunlight, in a magical half meditative state- woken up abruptly when a dog came to close to our big stone and Marjorie barked to let it be known that this was our place to sunbathe.

We made a loop and went on walking through the Merkinch Local Nature Reserve until we arrived at Carnac Point where we enjoyed yet another break, settled on a bench at admired the view: A huge bridge between Beauly Firth and Moray Firth, called Kessock Bridge. After that I was a little bit hungry and freezing so I decided to go back along the River Ness to end this daytrip. We were back at our hotel at around 2:30, cold and hungry but filled with joy, natural vitamin D and loads of photographs from this most enjoyable, approximately 10 km adventure. For the rest of the day Marjorie slept only once again up to relieve herself at around 8:30, while I tended to some art work, photography, writing and TV (gladly avoiding the news and concentrating on movies).


Now, I really thought it could not get any more amazing than these past two days with the fairy-like Ness Islands on day one in Inverness and the amazing view over Lochs and Glens on day two. However, I was wrong. Today was supposed to be a very short and easygoing morning walk. We were up at around 8 o'clock because Marjorie pretty much had slept since we came home yesterday afternoon, and therefore was up and about earlier than usual. The sun was out and the air as fresh as the days before with only some light clouds covering the sund now and then on her way up. I was determined to have the Ness Islands for our morning walk because, well simply put, I fell in love with them.

So off we went and after two bags full of collected litter and around twenty pictures of the lovely, elven bridges or the impressive, huge trees and their fascinating trunks, we were at the turning point of our first day's walk. But Marjorie was energized and had rested enough. She went ahead further than we had been the other day and I followed. What was presented to us was nothing less than a dream of picturesque view. After the Ness Islands comes the Canal Park which ends at the Holm Mils Bridge, but if you pass underneath you find yourself at the Caledonian Canal once again, just a little way up from where we started out the other day. It essentially goes on forever, meaning about 4 km, but as I did not have my mobile phone with me I did not know that- so we walked... and walked... and Marjorie hunted deer... and then decided to come back after half an hour which led to even more walking. It was glorious with nothing but nature around us and an exquisite view over more snoy mountain tops. Also there were a few lovely conversations were I was able to test out my comprehension skills to the Scottish accent.

We were home by 2 in the afternoon, this time without breaks or Marjorie's breakfast, or tea time for me. But once again I have to simply say that it was glorious and I cannot wait for the days to come on the Isle of Lewis and Harris where we will be the most secluded from any cities for the first time in my life and pretty sure for Marjorie's as well. So now I am going to pack up and if anything goes as planned, for the last time for at least the next two months. Goodbye Inverness, it was the most adorable stay! Thank you!

All love and light for you, beloved souls


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