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Day 16 & 17: the holy grail of dogs & welcome to Inverness


It is days like this (meaning yesterday, Thursday) that I seriously think Marjorie is the holy grail of dogs! I know I am not familiar with every dog on the world but she is absolutely stunning, she surprises me day after day with just her natural way of being. We got our confirmation for a later check-out which meant we could sleep in until 8 o'clock. This was really an advantage because it meant we were able to not only cuddle for half an hour after the alarm went off as we usually do, we were also able to have a 3 hour long walk in the morning. For this last walk in South Shields we once again found ourselves upon Horsley Hill, exploring bay after bay and finished on Sandhaven beach. After a late breakfast for Marjorie at 12 o'clock, I packed up our belongings into "Uwe", my backpack. It went really well and was way easier than when I packed the other times before. At 1 o'clock we left the apartment, had half an hour to the metro station where I bought sandwiches and water for the 5.5. hour long train ride, and were in Newcastle Central at 2:20, way earlier than expected as the train to Inverness was supposed to get in at 2:55. But for me it was, though freezing cold, better to be early than be stressed. My holy grail of dogs, named Marjorie, did sleep the entire train ride except for half an hour when I presented her dinner and she briefly wanted to have a head massage afterwards. It was amazing!

Everything went smoothly and at 10:30 pm we were safe and sound at our home for the next four nights and three days to come: The Glen Mhor.

For the first time in ages (I think I gave my last TV away in 2018 and since our departure we never had a TV in any Air BnB, not even Wifi connection) I had a queensized bad, a TV, Wifi AND a bathtub, which I intend to use since my last bath was in my last apartment on the last day of living there, the 3rd of January. There even was shortbread (a kind of standard biscuit served with tea here in the UK, similar to the "Lotus" cookie served around Europe to coffee or tea), a few bags of tea as well es instant Nespresso and hot chocolate.

I was freezing so I made myself two cups of tea and ate my sandwich that I bought earlier that day at Gregg's. When it was time to go to sleep I realized quickly that I most probably had been drinking Earl Gray, which is a tea that is similar to caffeein keeping me awake until 2 in the morning. Also I was confronted with the media's view on Corona and their absolutely shocking correspondence about emergency room's and drastic cases of Corona infected patients. I really could not stop the fear from creeping into my heart which also led to laying awake and not being able to sleep. I was not prepared for the kind of tumult inside of me caused by just watching the news for the first time in a long while. It dawned on me that the majority of people out there that do still consume the news on a daily basis must be terrified by the pandemic. I suddenly was so drained from all the suffering and how since it all began nearly one year ago, there still was not any chance for something like normality. Family and friends kept me up to date about the regulations and how the lockdowns were supposed to be kept going until the summer, but seeing all of it for the first time and how much fear it created inside of me, in addition to the caffeine induced insomnia- it really was a lot to handle and I slept accordingly.


When I woke up today though, I wanted to leave these new impressions behind. For one I would neither do myself nor Marjorie any good with negative perceptions and feelings, and also I would not do anyone around me any service with a long face and a fearful energy. And looking back on this day now at night, I could not even have done that because Marjorie and I just had the most stunning walk in nature since... well since yesterday in South Shields. But although I know that I write nearly everyday about how beautiful and stunning the places are taht we walk through and explore, it really is the truth- they simply all are amazing. We walked upstream the River Ness (yes, the river that comes from Loch Ness where Nessie lives).

I did not have more than two conversations on this first day here but that was fine with me because I feasted on my surroundings and their uniqueness.

There were so many beautiful spots on these small islands called Ness Islands connected with the most detailed, incredible fairy or elve-like bridges. And although these were parks and had a few playgrounds as well, the whole ecological system seemed so strong and mesmerizingly abundant, I still am in awe. There was lechen everywhere and moss and fern, the smell of deep forest was in the air- everything beamed with health and strength, an ecosystem so rich and raw, it really blew my mind! The love for nature and the respect of it was visible everywhere. For example someone just made little doors, just about 5-8 cm tall, and leaned them on special trees as though some fairy or dwarf or troll or elve might live there. There were so many huge trees, some of them redwood trees and other enormous tree species. This will most definitely be visited once more before we go, I just aboslutely need to see this again!

After the morning walk I needed to find some place to buy food. As I am going to stay in this hotelroom until Monday, I will not have the advantage of having a kitchen, which would to be honest mean lesser costs, so we searched and found a supermarket. I fetched two kind of vegan wraps, some chips and vegan muffins and we went home. Our afternoon walk was nothing special at all. The exploring was a bit of a fail this time because we ended up having found no green place at all, Marjorie was on the lead for the whole 2 hours and although it was (for me at least) somewhat interesting seeing different kind of architecture and buildings, my heart belongs to nature and I am neither a good photographer of man-made things nor do I enjoy the constant noise of traffic or polluted air. Once again I was reminded why, at this stage of my existence at least, I wanted to get away from cities and out into nature so badly. I have found a map of nice footpaths around Inverness so this weekend will surely be full of adventurous exploring.

I wish you all love and light, beloved souls!


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