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A love letter to Aarau

Dear Aarau

The last few days where rather difficult but also inspiring. Difficult because my body seemed to be unable to catch up to what was going on around it, the thoughts and feelings in my mind, the rush of emotions of farewell meetings and last minute preparations. Inspiring because each time I thought I might have bit off more than I could chew someone came along and reassured me with kind words, over-excitement or simply joy to hear my story.

Now I am on a train heading to Amsterdam Centraal where an Uber (thanks Papilli) will take Marjorie and me to our home for the next two nights. I am very looking forward to that as it is directly on the beach and especially today has really taken it's toll on me. A strange mix of feelings acompanies me now, relieved that everything went smoothly and I am now on the verge of a new beginning, and yet also fatigue because there was no sleep or rest the previous night.

But the best part of this emotional ride undoubtedly was all the love everyone gave me, during the preparations, within the last month especially, and also today. I received so much kind words and wishes, cards, texts, mails- with that much encouragement I feel more than prepared to face every challenge and enjoy every moment.

Writing and documenting my journey makes that much more sense if it means that my loved ones all over Europe are able to follow me, share their thoughts and ideas with me. I feel blessed to have so many special people in my heart, a warm thanks to all of you for giving me courage, love and your time! And thank you all for donating me so many things I really needed and now am able to look at, wear or use while thinking about their previous owner.

So now on to the love part of this "love letter to home": I will miss Aarau, I will miss the charming energy of the people, the calmness within the medieval part of the city when it is dark, the glow around Christmas time, the "mountains", the river Aare, my special animal friend Bruno the crow, the sky over Aarau from misty to cloudy to sunny, the hidden spots of nature where yoga, meditation and tranquility makes you feel safe, the multi facetted people, the sustainable thinkers, the bakery, the bulk store, my work place, my colleagues, the people I shared soul bonds with, the dog friends of Marjorie, the kindness, the inspiration, the possibilities to change, the freedom to create, the love.

Thank you so much to the people, the city, the nature and the ever present love!

Until very soon, my beloved Aarau, I will miss you.

Love and light to you, beloved souls


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