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I  believe everything is connected.

The big can be seen in the small and the other way around.

With this perspective Gaia, our Mother Earth, may be understood as a collective consciousness of us all existing within her, much like our individual bodies are made up by every limb, bone, organ and cell. Our body may not be within our awareness all the time, but nonetheless it lives a life of its own - so may Gaia.

When everything is alive, made up of frequency and vibration, everything is connected.

My way of living conscious awareness everyday, is by acknowledging the abundance around us, by honouring the connection with all and setting the intention to bring love and compassion through my actions as well as thoughts.

I want to be of service by truth.

I want to share my perception of the world through photography and blogging.

Who are you? What is your belief? How can we connect and cooperate to provide service for the greater good of All?

Much love and kindness for you, dearest soul!


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