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Day 35 & 36: Shovelin', Drivin' and Laughin'

8. & 9.2.2021

Apart from these last two days just racing by, for the first time in my life I did real manual labour. Basically we continued with the polytunnel project which included shoveling earth out of it, putting layers of medium and big stones in and covering all of it with gravel. This may sound easy but we had to not only get the stones from up and across the street and get the gravel from further away, there is one additional twist as everything is collected by hand or shovelled into bags by hand and then transferred inside the polytunnel (or out of the polytunnel) by wheel barrel or hand as well.

I am absolutely stoked for the amazing progress we made and even more excited for the amazing results we achieved in just three days. Sarah brings so much uplifting energy to work and the love she has for this land is being transported in nearly every story she tells (about things that have happened here or locals), every move she makes (or not makes when she just has to stop the car and take a landscape picture like earlier with a waterfall that was partly frozen), every errand she runs, in every conversation she has with passers-by (in the store or in cars coming from the opposite direction and just stopping for a quick chat).

Also I was lucky enough for two game evenings with Sarah and Elliot, her and Andrew's son. And the tea served by Andrew everytime we get home from working outside all day, is just the best!

Being involved in such wonderful projects and being able to get a grasp of what life here can look like is so precious to me. I am enjoying myself very much, I adore my hosts and I cannot wait for all the days yet to come. A chicken house need to be build, the top soil needs to be brought into the raised beds, the seeds have to be sown and grown into seedlings and also transplanted to the polytunnel, there are things to do inside the B'n'B and the main house as well as the realization of a palette compost system and the preparation of seaweed tea that would serve as a natural fertilizer. So, yes, a lot to do and I cannot wait!

Oh and also today Andrew gave me my first driving lesson and as suspected I just need to focus on staying on the left side of the streets :)

All is well and I send you all love and light!


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